The Echelons of Rembrandt Society<sup>SM</sup>

The Echelons of Rembrandt SocietySM

Rembrandt SocietySM  is a special program that was originally founded by Ken Van Leeuwen, CFP®, after the Dutch artist Rembrandt. Of Dutch heritage himself, Ken felt a connection with Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, 17th century painter and pioneer of the Dutch Golden Age. Rembrandt’s legacy is remembered by all.

With enduring aspiration, Rembrandt’s gifted hand skillfully painted intricate self-portraits and sketches and richly detailed biblical scenes. Each work rendered a masterpiece in its own right, involving a journey of passion and talent through every last brush stroke. It is with this same level of dedication to your Life Vision that Rembrandt SocietySM was born.

What is Rembrandt SocietySM?

Distinctly geared toward interpersonal relationships, Rembrandt SocietySM purveys a valuable message about the benefits of building lasting culture with its members. We are all artists of our own lives. Throughout generations, families establish deep roots in which love, support and success are fostered. Rembrandt SocietySM helps members by looking at their finances like a blank canvas, painting a coordinated life vision for themselves. It is open to those who wish to pursue their dreams while building personal legacies with a trusted partner by their side.

Choosing your membership level

Rembrandt SocietySM offers a tier of three advanced membership levels each with diverse opportunities customized to fit your needs. Van Leeuwen & Company  makes it effortless to choose a membership level that works for you.

Level 1 – Gallery CollectionSM

Following an initial series of Life Vision sessions, as a member of the Gallery CollectionSM, our VLC associate advisors and professional team will meet with you annually to help align your goals and position you for the future. The team is overseen by our Managing Partner. Our professional team will address all aspects of planning while providing benefits and financial confidence moving forward. After their initial Life Vision has been established, Gallery CollectionSM members enjoy an array of privileges ranging from access to trusted professionals to a customized welcome gift, family member discounts and more.

Level 2 – Museum CollectionSM

Following an initial series of Life Vision sessions, as a member of the Museum CollectionSM, our VLC associate advisors and professional team will meet with you two times per year including one meeting with the Managing Partner. At this time is when our VLC professionals will review your Life Vision and help with any necessary revisions. Museum CollectionSM members enjoy an array of benefits ranging from access to trusted professionals to a customized welcome gift, family member discounts, exclusive invitations and economic updates.

Level 3 – Private CollectionSM

This level is considered to be the most advanced in Rembrandt SocietySM membership. Members of the Private CollectionSM meet quarterly (at a minimum) with our Managing Partner, Ken Van Leeuwen, CFP® present in every meeting. He is accompanied by VLC associate advisors. The professional team meets with a member as often as deemed necessary in crafting their Life Vision. Private CollectionSM members enjoy an array of benefits including access to trusted professionals, a customized welcome gift, family member discounts, economic updates, an exclusive welcome dinner, private events and other invitations.

Your Life Vision Concierge

Whether you are new to Rembrandt SocietySM or a seasoned member, membership comes with benefits such as asset management, consulting, education solutions and access to our life insurance and long-term care insurance associates. Members are also given access to other trusted professionals such as CPAs, tax accountants, estate planning attorneys and mortgage bankers.

Each phase of life carries a new set of complexities

Whichever tier of membership you choose within Rembrandt SocietySM, VLC is poised to assist in painting your ever-evolving Life Vision with the same devotion as the artist himself.  Providing a bounty of guidance during this journey is what Rembrandt SocietySM represents. Rembrandt SocietySM places its members squarely in the center of the VLC world.

What is your Life Vision?

You are the artist of your life. Aspiring to paint your personal Life Vision involves an ongoing series of interconnected steps during which we help set your goals and work toward achieving them. How will you send your children to college? Should you purchase that second home? Are you and your spouse preparing for retirement? Is life longevity something you’ve considered? Or perhaps it is simply and most importantly about trusting that your future is what VLC truly cares about. Through Rembrandt SocietySM, VLC wants your legacy to live on and be remembered by your children and grandchildren.

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