Best Boutique Wealth Management Award
Wealth and Money Management Awards

Best Boutique Wealth Management Firm New Jersey

Van Leeuwen & Company, LLC (VLC) is a boutique, wealth management firm offering highly personalized financial services and consulting to clients and members nationwide…

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VLC 2019 Media Kit
YAHOO! Finance
YAHOO! Finance

Stocks Rebound After Worst Trading Day 2019
August 6, 2019

Founding Director, Ken Van Leeuwen discusses the U.S. China trade war as stocks faced the worst day in 2019.

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Bloomberg Daybreak Asia
Bloomberg Radio Daybreak Asia

August 2019

Ken discusses how China tariffs directly effect consumer spending in the U.S. economy.

Top Advisor Marketing
Market Counsel Summit Series

December 23, 2018

Ken talks about how Van Leeuwen & Company works with ambitious, corporate executives.

Advisor Voices – Ken Van Leeuwen | LPL Financial

Based on Ken’s leadership and commitment to his clients, he was chosen by his broker-dealer, LPL Financial as part of an advertising campaign. Please hear from Ken how LPL’s partnership with Van Leeuwen & Company has been a long-standing and rewarding relationship.

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